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The 2023 Workshop is all about business. Your business. How to grow it, how to better understand it, and how to thrive in the everchanging hospitality industry.

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We'll Cover It All The Tough Shit & The Honest Truth of What it takes to be a Woman in the Industry

From June 11-13, 2023, let’s come together as women in hospitality to move this industry and our roles in it forward.

We can't wait to see everyone in Charleston!

View Our 2023 Speakers

Jasmine  Moy

Jasmine Moy


Katy  Osuna

Katy Osuna

Copper & Heat

Erin  Boyle

Erin Boyle


Leah  Frankl

Leah Frankl

Lumber & Light

Joann Jen

Joann Jen


Elaine Chon-Baker

Elaine Chon-Baker

Mokja Ventures

Martha  Hoover

Martha Hoover

Patachou Inc.

Jeanie  Chunn

Jeanie Chunn


Taylor  Lanzet

Taylor Lanzet

Daily Harvest

Emily  Shaya

Emily Shaya

Pomegranate Hospitality

Rachel  Ramsey

Rachel Ramsey

Measured HR

Lilly  Jan

Lilly Jan

Cornell University

Dana  Cowin

Dana Cowin

DBC Creative

Julia  Choi-Rodriguez

Julia Choi-Rodriguez

Vesta Chocolates

Anna  Gordon

Anna Gordon

The Good Batch

Tia Raiford

Tia Raiford

Strong Roots 9

Rose  Noël

Rose Noël


Andrea  Borgen Abdallah

Andrea Borgen Abdallah

RAISE High Road Restaurants

June  Rodil

June Rodil

Goodnight Hospitality

Kristen  Hawley

Kristen Hawley

Freelance Journalist

Daisy  Zeijlon

Daisy Zeijlon

In the Wings

Claudia Saric

Claudia Saric

Relish Works

Brianna  Borin-Lygizos

Brianna Borin-Lygizos


Christa  Barfield

Christa Barfield

FarmerJawn / Viva Leaf Tea Co.

Jenny Bonchak

Jenny Bonchak

Slingshot Coffee Co./Needs & Wants

Cybille  St. Aude-Tate

Cybille St. Aude-Tate

Honeysuckle Projects

Jenny  Dorsey

Jenny Dorsey

Studio ATAO

Lauren  Darnell

Lauren Darnell

MiNO Foundation

Ping  Ho

Ping Ho

The Royce/Marrow/Mink

Shauntrice  Martin

Shauntrice Martin

Feed The West

Jing  Gao

Jing Gao

Fly by Jing

Vonda Freeman

Vonda Freeman

The Indigo Road Hospitality Group

Ruta  Smith

Ruta Smith


Sarah  Diehl

Sarah Diehl

Empowered Hospitality

Carrie  Morey

Carrie Morey

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

Karalee Nielsen Fallert

Karalee Nielsen Fallert

All Good Industries

Kelly  Valentine

Kelly Valentine


Stephanie Burt

Stephanie Burt

The Southern Fork

Christa  Cotton

Christa Cotton

El Guapo Bitters

Kendra  Anderson

Kendra Anderson

MQ Consulting Group

Min  Kong

Min Kong


Tracey Richardson

Tracey Richardson

Lillie's of Charleston

Molly  Irani

Molly Irani

Chai Pani Restaurant Group

Lindsay  Collins

Lindsay Collins


Jamila  Robinson

Jamila Robinson

Food Editor, Philadelphia Inquirer

Adrian  Lipscombe

Adrian Lipscombe

40 Acres Project

Jessica  Hussain

Jessica Hussain

CPA, Aprio

Tal Baum

Tal Baum

Oliva Restaurants

Irene Li

Irene Li

Mei Mei Dumplings

Lindsey Brown

Lindsey Brown

Lindsey Brown PR

Alba  Huerta

Alba Huerta


Christine  LeMieux

Christine LeMieux

MQ Consulting Group

Sam  Appel

Sam Appel

Professional Coach & Consultant

Rachael  Hoover

Rachael Hoover

Patachou Inc.

Lindsey  Ofcacek

Lindsey Ofcacek

LEE Initiative

Sam  Fore

Sam Fore

Tuk Tuk

Joanne  Canady-Brown

Joanne Canady-Brown

The Gingered Peach

Elizabeth  Tilton

Elizabeth Tilton

Oyster Sunday

Sylvie Gabriele

Sylvie Gabriele

Love & Salt

Brittany  Graham

Brittany Graham

Amanda  McLamb

Amanda McLamb

Resident Culture Brewing Co.

Lynn  House

Lynn House

Heaven Hill Brands

Stephani  Robson

Stephani Robson

Former Professor, Cornell

Sarah  Worley

Sarah Worley

Biscuit Love

Charlotte  Stack

Charlotte Stack

Chai Pani Restaurant Group

Jasmin  Parks-Papadopoulos

Jasmin Parks-Papadopoulos


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