About FAB

Lifting one another up, 
that’s what FAB is all about.

Since FAB began in 2017, our mission to connect, empower, and champion women in the hospitality industry remains true. Each year, 400+ women from across the country gather to share ideas and experiences, learn from one another, and leave with a new set of tools and a renewed sense of purpose to grow in their chosen career path.

FAB is for YOU and you are continually evolving, so FAB changes each year to fit the needs of the industry at large.

FAB is a business workshop and will always offer opportunities to learn in areas of HR, Finance, Leadership, and more. That said, the bulk of the programming and session structure each year is reflective of feedback from the previous year’s attendees and speakers, as well as overarching industry themes or hot button issues that arise. We build FAB for you and encourage you to come with an open heart and mind, soak up the conversations, and take away what is valuable for your personal growth.

Meet the FAB team
Randi Weinstein
FAB Founder
Ashley Mitchell
Communications Director
Jenny Ferrara
Community Director
FAB 2024 Locations
William Aiken House
456 King St,
Charleston, SC 29403
Parcel 32
442 King St,
Charleston, SC 29403
American Theater
446 King St,
Charleston, SC 29403