For Women By Women

The real power of FAB comes from its must-see/hear/meet format.

The simple act of bringing women together to inspire, support, educate, empower, and activate one another in an industry designed around serving others is in and of itself a triumph, a nurturing and revolutionary act, which, in turn, inspires others. We are pleased to bring together over 70 speakers to achieve just that!

Meet The Speakers
Adrian Lipscome
40 Acres Project
Agatha Kulaga
Alba Huerta
Allison Cooke
CORE architecture + design
Alyssa DiPasquale
The Koji Club
Ayeshah Abuelhiga
Mason Dixie Biscuits Co.
Bethany Zak
Back of House
Beverly Kim
Parachute / Wherewithall
Brianna Borin-Lygizos
Brittany Graham
Miller Union
Caroline Schiff
Gage & Tollner
Cheetie Kumar
Christa Cotton
El Guapo
Christine LeMieux
MQ Consulting Group
Cynthia Wong
Life Raft Treats
Dana Cowin
DBC Creative
Danetra Richardson
Danielle Wecksler
Le Creuset
Devita Davison
FoodLab Detroit
Elaine Chon-Baker
Mokja Ventures
Elizabeth Tilton
Oyster Sunday
Ellen Yin
High Street Hospitality Group
Elsa Lucas
Emily Hill
Edmund’s Oast Restaurant Group
Erin Boyle
Irene Li
Mei Mei Restaurant / Project Restore Us
Jael Skeffington
French Broad Chocolates
Jasmine Moy
Jeanie Chunn
Jenni Lata
TK Test Kitchen
Jennifer Vitagliano
The Musket Room
Jenny Goodman
Tilit NYC
Jenny Dorsey
Studio ATAO
Jessica Hussain
CPA, Aprio
Judith Winfrey
Love is Love Cooperative Farm
Judy Ni
bāo • logy / Roux
June Rodil
Goodnight Hospitality
Karen Bassett
Wayfarer Coffee Roasters
Kat Kinsman
Senior Editor Food & Wine Magazine
Katy Osuna
Copper & Heat
Kendra Anderson
MQ Consulting Group
Kiki Aranita
Poi Dog
Kim Lerner
Only Yummy Always, Coaching and Consulting
Kristen Barnett
Hungry House
Kristen Hall
The Essential + Bandit Pâtisserie
Kristen Hawley
Freelance Journalist / Expedite, Tech Newsletter
Latha Youngren
Lauren Darnell
MiNO Foundation
Lien Ta
HLAY / All Day Baby
Lilly Jan
Food and Beverage Lecturer
Linda Callahan
Next Step Design
Martha Hoover
Patachou Inc.
Mavis-Jay Sanders
Chef / Drive Change
Melissa Spence
Labor & Employment Attorney
Molly Fienning
CEO, Red Clay
Nina DiSandro
Potomac Construction Services
Olivia Myers
Lowcountry Street Grocery
Paula Kramer
Baguette Magic
Ping Ho
The Royce / Marrow / Mink
Preeti Mistry
Chef / Author
Rachael Hoover
Patachou Inc.
Rachael Nemeth
Rachel Ramsey
Levain Bakery
Reem Assil
Reem’s California
Sam Appel
Professional Coach & Consultant
Sam Garwin
5th Quarter Foods
Sam Kramer
Baguette Magic
Sarah Diehl
Empowered Hospitality
Sarah Pierre
3 Parks Wine Shop
Stephanie Burt
The Southern Fork Podcast
Sue Bette
Bluebird Hospitality
Suzanne Simon
Suzi Sheffield
Beautiful Briny Sea
Taylor Lanzet
Daily Harvest
Tracey Richardson
Lillie’s of Charleston
Vitus Spehar
Host/Creator of TikTok’s @underthedesknews / Host of the @latimes tiktok channel